Batch Process Operation

Individual Save Operation

Let BatchSave DO the SAVING for you...


You don't have to save different formats of your files manually...



Key Functionalities:


  • Automatic save of different document formats when document is saved.

  • Batch save of different document formats by folder.

  • Automatic save of sheet metal flat patterns as DXF when saving part.

  • Batch save sheet metal flat patterns as DXF.

  • Fully functional in SOLIWDORKS: Standard, Pro, and Premium.


Supported Features:


  • PDF, Edrawing, and DXF

  • Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings

  • Multi-Body sheet metal parts




  • Faster than SOLIDWORKS Task Scheduler as each file only opens once and all relevant formats are saved.

  • No Need to specify separate tasks for each file format.

  • Fully functional in SOLIDWORKS Standrad

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